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Off to the Kasakh!

During August of 2013, MASC will be heading to the Kasakh Valley of north-central Armenia to explore village life in the medieval period, between approximately AD 1000 and 1400. We will be living and working in a territory that, in the medieval period, was ruled by fiercely proud Christian merchant princes named the Vachutyans.
This photo shows the mountain of Ara, and the funerary monuments (khatchkars) of Kurd Vachutyan and his wife, the noblewoman Xorishah, herself of an ancient house called Mamikonyan.  Kurd and Xorishah ruled in the Kasakh valley in the mid-13th century: during that time they built several churches and hosted the traveling king Het’um I at their home as he returned from visiting the court of Mongke Khan, the Mongol ruler in the north Caucasus.


Welcome to MASC!

Medieval Archaeology of the South Caucasus is a research project in archaeology, history, landscape and culture run as a collaboration between the Oriental Institute of the University of Chicago and the Republic of Armenia National Academy of Sciences Institute of Archaeology and Ethnography in Yerevan.
We will be sharing our experiences in the field, and the results of our research here, as well as links to materials related to the study of the medieval Caucasus and neighboring regions and cultures.