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Excavating at Hin Bazarjugh

The excavation in the village consisted of opening up a 4 by 4 meter trench in a single room. The purpose of this small trench was to gain an idea of the phases in occupation at the site and come up with strategies for larger excavations in future years. We had already identified a number of rooms on the surface of the site and selected this particular room as a test case. 



After going through the initial top soil, the excavations started to come across a large number of rocks, part of the building collapse from the walls of the room, in addition to the actual walls itself. We also discovered the top of an oven.



Image: Co-Director K. Franklin 

The pottery that was found we dated to the 13th-14th centuries. In addition, we found a number of glass bracelet fragments dated to the same period, as we continued to excavate.