We’ve returned to the field!

This year the MASC project once again returned to Armenia and to Ambroyi where we planned to continue to excavate at the village of Hin Bazarjugh. The work this year is being conducted with the assistance of the Oriental Institute of the University of Chicago and the American Research Institute in the South Caucasus (ARISC, see http://arisc.org/).


Since we want to continue looking at the village and better understand it, we decided we needed to open up more trenches. We deliberately decided to open a 5 x 5 meter trench approximately one meter from the trench of last year. Among other things, we hoped to find the continuation of the wall we found last year. This work will also continue to inform us about the shape and materiality of the medieval Armenian village.


Site of last year’s excavation

Almost as soon as we opened the trench, we started coming down on walls, which we could already see on the surface. This included part of the wall that we had found last year in addition to a large and substantial wall. In addition, we started finding quite a lot of wall collapse, which we have been removing. The archaeological material such as pottery that we have been finding looks very similar to what we found last year.


New trench with continuation of wall we found last year in foreground.

We are very much looking forward to continuing this year to expand our excavations and explorations at Hin Bazarjugh and its immediate vicinity! Stay tuned for the next few weeks to see our various discoveries as they unfold!



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